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SonicBoxx | Crossover


How Crossover started playing games is a story that most of us could relate to.  Growing up, he played many games with his older brother. Losing against his brother only fueled his fire to become a competitive player.  Not sure where his passion for games would take him, he stumbled upon Street Fighter vs X-men at a local arcade.  Little did he know, this small arcade would start Crossover on his path to becoming one of the best fighting game players from Latin America.

Growing up, he didn’t dream of seeking a career as an Esports athlete.  Coming from an underprivileged area, his dream was to become a scientist.  Not only was he gifted in problem solving, but becoming a scientist would allow him to provide for his family.  However, his financial situation left him unable to afford tuition and soon, he was forced to discontinue his education and start working at a young age.

Going to arcades and playing with his friends was his only escape from his day to day.  This is when he started discovering his natural talent as a fighting game player.  Starting with Street Fighter x X-men, he also played KOF13, Cross Tekken, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V, with his first major win in 2013 with KOF13.

LATAM First Place.png

Crossover receiving his first place trophy for Capcom Pro Tour's Latin America Regional Finals.

Since then, he’s had a couple major wins under his belt; from Fighting Fest in 2016 to the Capcom Pro Tour’s Latin America Regional Finals Champion in 2018.  Although he was granted a spot in Capcom Cup because of his win, he was forced to forfeit his position due to his visa application getting rejected.  As disappointing as this was, Crossover never gave up hope.  With the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour coming up, he hopes to qualify once again and work towards his dream of not only being one of the best Street Fighter players in the world, but also becoming a community leader while representing the Dominican Republic community to the fullest.

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