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El Tigre


El Tigre Competing at Arcane Tournaments 2018

This experience was what sparked El Tigre's passion for competitive fighting games.  In a fighting game, there are no outside factors involved, just player versus player.  Whoever makes the better impulse decisions and has better execution, conquers.

While some may assume his dream would be to make it into "Esports", he truly only cares to compete and push his limits.  While striving to become the best player, he has made many friends along the way and only wishes to continue to share his passion among those that have the same sentiment.

El Tigre in Colombia.jpg

El Tigre in Bogota, Colombia with Brolynho, MenaRD, Doomsnake, and other fellow LATAM players.

Growing up in Mexico, it wasn't always easy to find a local arcade.  Sebastian Aguilar, aka El Tigre, was 6 years old when he first stumbled onto his first fighting game, King of Fighters 94.  It was in a small local pharmacy down the street and all the kids on his block would gather and play against each other on a single machine.

El Tigre.jpg
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